Local, Unauthorized Sub Zero Repair

Looking for repairs on your older Sub Zero refrigerator? Does no one want to actually fix what you have, trying to sell you a new one? It seems to be a pretty frequent problem, and I’m here to help.


Sub Zero appliances are, at their core, the same as every other appliance mechanically and electrically. There really is nothing special about them aside from their obvious aesthetic advantages. For this reason, I do not understand the refusal to repair them that many companies hold to. Repairs are very possible and often quite economical.

Why is not being factory authorized important?

Sub Zero puts restrictions on what authorized companies can/cannot do for repairs. If Sub Zero no longer makes the part that you need, you’re screwed. There are many US companies that make high quality replacement parts for these units, sometimes better than Sub Zero themselves. I can use these if needed to achieve a repair that I feel confident about. Sub Zero is very protective of their brand, but I don’t care about their brand and not legally required to preach what they want me to. I do what will be the most reliable, while balancing the economics of each persons different situation.

When should you call an authorized company?

If you’re still under factory warranty. Sub Zero has a nice warranty so you’re going to want to use that as long as you can. Take a look at your manual and see what is covered, or call Sub Zero for more info. I don’t want to charge you money if you can get it covered.

When should you call Aperture?

If you’re out of warranty and want to keep your appliance running. I regularly rebuild refrigerators over 25 years old. If yours is in good shape(no significant rust, shelving has no major damage, hasn’t been in a flood, etc), it’s very likely repairable. Give me a call or text(814-464-3203) if you have any questions about your refrigerator, I’ll help point you in the right direction.