About us


Charlie’s Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have you been doing this? Since 2012, when I graduated high school. Yes, I’m young. 

How did you learn this? The long and tedius way.

How can you fix Samsung and LG appliances when no one else wants to? I was not indoctrinated into the mindset that “Whirlpool/GE/Frigidaire = Good and Samsung/LG = Bad” like many other companies feel. In fact, the diagnostic process is exactly the same and repairing any of them should not be an issue.

What does the tattoo on your arm mean? It’s an aperture and compass concentric to one another. It represents both things I currently spend most of time on: my business and being outdoors. 


How can you be contacted? You can call/text 814 464-3203, email c@appl.tech, or fill out the form below. Thanks!